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SVANSY (ASA 388502764) is the exclusive payment token from OrganizovanýXaoc.
The tokens can be used to buy NFT’s and services with (an equivalent in a Fiat value). To make a purchase, simply send the SVANSY with the requested NFT in your tx message to 37FWOFITTOJYCXKWAQZDIWMFWYBDE4J5TKQWLD2OKIB5DLYZW6IUBHOYUM. Contact us via for price in SVANSY for services.

Svansy Coin Parameters

Total Supply: 420.420.420.420 (420B+)


Burned/Frozen tokens: 2.437.200.833,4982 Svansy Coins
Frozen TM V1 pools:

Token distribution

The Reserve / Staking Budget Wallet X4O7NNVFCZQPJCERHLMWFDW43ZQRSXBC7442YSY24WEBJRXMS5DRMGYX4A contains 135 Billion Svansy Coins that are reserved for staking rewards and marketing purposes.
The staking rewards are to last at least until 01.01.2028, after which staking rewards for marketing purposes of our music shouldn’t be necessary as OrganizovanýXaoc has reached its target audience.

Read more about OrganizovanýXaoc Staking.

Liquidity Gaming Mechanic Wallet BDPNI6K7CMEIN5DABQZLUJSO5S4LMUP2QH2WYVKVOOJCNRB3M2EX62DLYQ contains 42 Billion SVANSY for the Liquidity Gaming Mechanics. Read more about the OrganizovanýXaoc Experimental Tokens.

The Development Wallet QUCU7UMVYMEQTVCWOJQGC44I4OVZXWSCR44SOZANN3OCCTQF2LM5OFRVG4 has been loaded up with 18 Billion Svansy Coins for the development budget from 01.06.2022 until 01.01.2025. 500 Million Svansy Coins per month are reserved for operational costs.

Algorand limits ASA’s to only one reserve wallet and because we have our release budget split among three wallets, the visible circulating supply is therefore higher than in reality.


OrganizovanýXaoc Stakeable fNFT’s have a base value counted in SVANSY. E.g. a Music fNFT with a starting price of 150M SVANSY give equivalent rewards to TSV 11,5 Billion SVANSY.
The pricing matrix escalates.
TSV = Total SVANSY Value

15x APR: High quantity Picture fNFT’s >100 in quantity
30x APR: Low quantity Picture fNFT’s <100 in quantity
60x APR: Short Audio-Visual fNFT’s
75x APR: Full track Music fNFT’s
100x APR: Music Video fNFT’s

350 Million SVANSY are released through staking/week with a fluctuating APR

NFT + SVANSY Staking

Will resume soon

LP Staking
250 Million SVANSY are rewarded to LP Token holders on Humblefi / Week.
LP token 933390689 from Humblefi.
The APR rates change over time, but the token release remains the same.

SVANSY trading options


The blockchain is a technological breakthrough which uses cryptography to breach technological limitations. Digital art can be minted and tokenized with a validated creator through the implementation of the blockchain through NFT’s and their variations. The validation possibility of the creator address, validates a piece similarly to a signature by a painter (each address on the various blockchains is unique). The possibility of ownership of a digital mint, similarly to ownership of a physical object, such as a 1/1000 Vinyl print. The possibilities expand to whatever can be programmed, such as the possibility to encrypt material into an NFT which becomes available only to the owner.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) don’t make sense in the music industry. An artist wants more than one person to own their digital mint or physical vinyl. fNFT’s are fragmented NFT’s; a singular mint with multiple copies, where each is identical to one another.

OrganizovanýXaoc Music fNFT’s are minted as 1/1000 fNFT’s (XXEP000X)
Music Videos are minted as 1/200 fNFT’s (XXMV000X)

To purchase an fNFT, send the purchase price amount to 37FWOFITTOJYCXKWAQZDIWMFWYBDE4J5TKQWLD2OKIB5DLYZW6IUBHOYUM with the requested fNFT in the tx message.

How to swap for SVANSY:

  1. Buy Algorand on a crypto exchange, such as Coinbase Pro, Binance or Kucoin (for all purchasing possibilities, click here).
  2. Send your Algorand to your Algorand Wallet. Watch this video to find out how.
  3. Visit the Decentralized Exchange Humble
  4. Login with your wallet: MyAlgo Wallet (desktop) or Pera Wallet (mobile)
  5. Swap ALGO for SVANSY (you will need to accept the transaction in your wallet).

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